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Project Description
MPS Reports (in its many forms) is a tool used by Microsoft CSS to collect diagnostic data from Windows systems for the purpose of troubleshooting and product support. Over the years, many customers have requested the ability to redistribute MPS Reports and the tools and scripts it contains. MPS Reports includes binaries that are not distributed as open source or in any other ship vehicle. Also, the EULA for MPS Reports does not allow end users to redistribute it (in part or in whole) for any purpose. Since much of the MPS Reports package consists of scripts that are, by definition, source code, it would be easy to reuse and adapt these scripts for other purposes.

The goal of this project is to provide open source scripts that anyone can reuse for their own diagnostic purposes. These are the same scripts that get used in various versions of MPS Reports. The community can use these source examples to create their own diagnostic tool packages that they can use in any way they see fit.

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